About Us

About A.S.Co.T. Club

Founded at the end of 1991, the ASCoT Club is a friendship society.
The vocation of this association is to be a real club that extends across Europe, USA, and the Middle-East, forging between its members a link based essentially on sport.
The great majority of the members are polyglot. They all have a cosmopolitan culture due to their education and their professional life. A fair number of them is often at ease in many languages.

Historically, the game of tennis united the six founding members thus launching the concept ASCoT. Nonetheless, such sports as golf, fencing, as well as polyathlon are also a reason to gather the members. This explains the meaning for the name of ASCoT: « All Sports Country Team ».
One becomes a member of ASCoT by participating at its friendly tournaments. One becomes an honorary member through merit.

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